Simply capture voice of customer and validate your ideas


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Video record, categorize and prioritize the wants and needs of your users, all on the fly.

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Establish your idea

Not only do you establish what your idea is and why it's unique, but Schticky helps you schedule in details about potential customer visits. Discussions can be held in 'New Product' or 'Custom' formats.

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Video record your VOC

This is where the magic happens. With a simple tap, you can highlight, categorize and prioritize segments of your recording all on the fly. No need to go back to capture a key moment. It's fast and simple.

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Edit with tags and notes

Once a VOC is complete you can add tags, descriptions and notes to any video segment. You can re-catorgorize, re-prioritize or trash video highlights. The bottom line is, only the stuff that matters will be organized and easily accessible.

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Share and build

The proof is in the pudding. Share parts or all of your highlight reel straight from your drobbox. No more time wasted on irrelevant content. The cream rises to the top, questions get answered and the time to build amazing products has never been easier.

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Build products on a strong foundation.

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Utilize your dropbox account to manage video clips and highlight reels

To make it simple, sign up with your dropbox account. The rest of your team will thank you for it.

A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.- Mark Twain